Try The 21-Day Push-up Challenge

If you’re performing the push-ups perfectly, you’re doing one of the most powerful exercises. This movement strengthen the abs, triceps, pecs, deltoids, lats and more. Push-up can also help you build a sustainable approach to fitness by setting goals. If it get too easy for you, we goat plenty of ideas to make them harder.

So, if you’re ready let’s start. It’s going to be push-ups and more push-ups for the next three weeks straight!

First, we need to find out what’s wrong with most people’s push-ups.

  • Hands too wide
  • Elbows flare out
  • Lower back sags
  • Leading with neck and head
  • Abs shut off and not functioning
  • Glutes not engaged

As with every other exercise, it takes time to improve your ability to do the perfect push-up. To do the perfect push-up, you’ll need to retrain you brain to properly hold the plank position. And don’t forget, sloppy form, can lead to injury.

See the videos below, and make sure you’re using the right form.

1. In this video, you’ll see what a proper push-up look like, and provide you with a few easy progressions.

2. Here you’ll see how to use bands to do push-ups. Even if you know what a push-up look like, you might need to increase your trunk stability , core activation, and overall core strength before you’re ready to go on the floor. Use bands, they’ll help you get there.

Now that you’re ready let’s challenge you:

Get your reps in perfectly and this approach will make it second nature for you to perform the perfect push-up time and time again.

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