Select healthy carbohydrates in your diet!

People consider the Carbohydrates as unhealthy food nowadays. But, that’s actually not true at all. If you choose the right carbs, they provide energy and nutrients. Starch, fiber and sugar are carbohydrates. We have two categories of carbohydrates: good and bad carbs. Recommended carbohydrate intake is about 45-65$, according to the USDA.

Good carbs are complex carbs. The good carbohydrates are giving your body energy and they can help in the process of losing weight. They are low in sodium and saturated fats. They are rich in fiber, and make you feel full. The good carbs also help you in removal of free radicals in the body, stimulates the metabolism, lowers the cholesterol, and stabilizes the insulin production.

Bad Carbs are the ones that are processed and have no nutritional value. They contain a high level of sugar. They are: low in fiber, high in sodium, high in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol.