Many women suffer from fungal infections and they can be cured at home

Fungal infection is a condition where the fungus developed into a dangerous level.

First of all, let’s get familiar with the causes. Fungal infections usually occur because of the Candida albicans. A healthy women have a controllable portion of fungi. The bacteria that manages the development of fungi is called Lactobacillus acidophilus. A major cause for fungal overgrowth are also the antibiotics. Note: hormone therapies and high levels of estrogen have the same effect in pregnant women. 

Natural remedies to treat Fungal Infections

  • Rosemary Tea

The organic rosemary tea is probably the most efficient natural remedy for the fungal infections. It relieves the itching and the burning sensation. Drink four cups of rosemary tea on a daily basis for immediate improvement. 

  • Essential oils

They contain potent antifungal features. Soak a tampon in several drops of tea tree oil and put it in your vagina. Leave it in for up to 2 hours. Make sure you repeat that twice a day.
You can also try the oregano essential oil. Use it diluted in topically, in coconut oil, or in oregano capsules. You should take two a day and your infection should be destroyed in about two weeks.

  • ACV

The raw apple cider vinegar is a great eliminator of fungal infections. Add a cup of organic ACV to your bath and soak in for 20 minutes. 

  • Garlic

Make a garlic paste and apply it on the infected body part, or just eat it. You can also make a combination of garlic, coconut oil, oil, vitamin E capsules. You should notice an instant improvement. 

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