How To Do Reverse Lunges

As we said before, the lunges train your core, glutes, quads and hamstrings and the best thing is that they hit them all at the same time. The reverse lunges are a great cross-training move. But, while throwing your lunges in reverse, you take the focus off of your quads and you hit mainly the hamstrings and glutes in ways that any other exercise don’t!

Step by step reverse lunge guide:

– Stand straight, feet hip-width apart.
– Place your hands on the hips, over your head, or you can grab some weights.
– Now take a slow, controlled step backward with your left leg.
– While keeping your spine straight, lower your body down until your both legs form a 90-degree angles, and your knees get directly over the ankles.
– Short pause, and then push your left leg forward to get to the starting position.
– Now step backward with your right leg and get back to the start to complete one rep.

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