Eating healthy food and staying physically active, are just a few habits that can help you keep your body fit and young. But, we should keep in mind that this goes same for the facial muscles, which usually lose their firmness as the years goes by.  Get rid of the double chin with the exercises below and make your face shining again.

  • Warming Up

Repeat 8-10 times
Move your lower jaw forward and backward. Then start side to side. Perform the movements slowly without sudden moves. 

  • The scoop

Repeat 5-7 times
Roll your bottom lip over the lower teeth with your mouth open. In a scooping motion move your head down, and close your mouth while lifting your head up. Make sure the corners of your lips are relaxed while doing the exercise. 

  • Touch the nose

Repeat 5 times
The hyoid muscles also need to be strengthened because they are associated with the double chin. Try to touch your nose with the tip of your tongue. Go as much as you can. 

  • Perfect oval face

Repeat 5 times
Turn your head to the right. Pull your lower jaw forward, while stretching the neck muscles. You should feel the right neck muscles while stretching. Do the same movement on the other side. 

  • Kiss the giraffe 

Hold for 5-8 seconds. Repeat 5 times
Face up, look up. Slightly bring your lower jaw forward, and pucker your lips as you’re kissing somebody. You’ll feel a strong tension in the neck if you’re doing it correctly. 

  • Resistance 

Repeat 5-7 times
Make two fists and place them under your chin. Start moving your lower jaw slightly down to your fists, and strain your muscles while overcoming the resistance. Hold 3 seconds and relax. 

  • Puffy cheeks

Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times
Inhale deep with your mouth and fill it with air. Close your mouth and puff up your cheeks. Press the cheeks with your palms to feel tension in your muscles. 

And the last one. Smile all the time because smiling is good for everything!

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