28-Day HIIT Flat Belly Challenge

In this article, you’ll find a four-week ab workout that dares you to complete an intense twenty-minute workout, every day, 28 days! There are four HIIT workouts a week and three ab workouts! These workouts will challenge your stamina with some moves that increase the hear rate, as well as strengthen and toughen the core in just one month. But, make sure you’re ready to give your best, because you only get 20-second rest periods. It will test your cardio health and your endurance, and help you build some strong and steady abs!

Now, get on board with this challenge, and work for the six pack you always wanted.

You’ll need: gym mat, gym timer, set of light to medium dumbbells – 5lb to 10lb. 

Each day, you’ll have five moves assigned to perform. Take 40 seconds to do each move. and then rest 20 seconds. After you finish all the moves assigned, repeat for a total of four rounds.

It’s important to perform the moves with the correct form, land softly on the joints, and do not strain yourself to the point of pain, to avoid injury.

The Challenge: 

Again, 40 seconds each move, twenty seconds rest. Four rounds.

Exercises guide:

  • Burpees

  • Alternating Reverse Lunges

  • Jump Squats

  • Walking Lunges

  • Bicycle Crunch (ab bikes)

  • Russian Twist

  • Toe Touches

  • Leg Lifts

  • Hip Dips

  • Mountain Climbers

  • Squat to Shoulder Press

  • Push-Ups

  • Jackknife Crunch

  • Sit Ups

  • Reverse Crunch

Leave a comment below and let us know how did this challenge worked out for you.