How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

As we all know, there is nothing more satisfying that choosing the right hairstyle. First of all, we need to determine what your face shape is. With the picture bellow we will help you figure that out, and find out which hairstyle will be perfect for you.

Face shapes:


If this is your shape you should go ahead and create the illusion of length. Don’t cut your hair at he height of your cheeks, or below your ears because it will make your face look bulky. Ideas to balance the roundness and add some sophistication to your look: 

  • Side-swept long hair

Preferably straight and long hair lengthens your face up automatically. Opt for a down-the-middle or deep side parting to make your face look longer.

  • Long layered hairstyle

Try asymmetrical layers if you think that your long hair is boring and even shapeless. Make sure your layers end at some specific points of your face (cheekbones, chin, etc) to visually reduce the roundness of your face.

  • Medium-length cut

If you still don’t want to have long hair, make it shoulder height length. Make some layers that will help lengthen your face.


This face type is very versatile, and you can get almost any hairstyle. But, if you want to maximize your features with a new haircut, these ideas might help:

  • Straight bangs

This will create the perfect outline for framing your face. If your hair is straight this will look brilliant on you.

  • Long wavy

If you want below shoulder-length hair, we strongly recommend this haircut. It will come in handy with your oval face and wavy hair.

  • Short layered

If you want to cut your hair short, just go ahead and do it. The above-the-shoulders haircut will enhance the shape of your face.


The goal will be to shorten the perceived length on your long face, while emphasizing the naturally graceful features. There are a lot of option for you there:

  • Blunt or rounded bangs

A straightforward, but eternally stylish way to style your hair. It will help to make your face appear rounder and reduce length.

  •  Side parting

This style is especially available to those with long faces. It helps to shorten the length of your face, and it break up the symmetry of your appearance.


Consider some hairstyle that will soften your jawline and highlight your features, to complement your face shape.

  • Angled bob

This haircut will be perfect for you. You can wear it straight, or you can even style it with some messy waves.

  • Medium straight cut with bangs

If you want to highlight your excellent bone structure, create a straight frame with precise and defined lines. A classic and elegant haircut that enhances natural beauty.


You will probably need some hairstyle to help you detract the attention from your pointy chin, accentuate your eyes, and emphasize your cheekbones. Check out the following hairstyles:

  • Voluminous waves

Some long and soft waves will a great solution for your. It will add extra volume, and soften the chin area.

  • Short, short, short

If your hair lack volume and you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling it, this will be the perfect cut for you.


You’ll need a hairstyle that will balance your narrow chin, shorten the overall length of the face, and soften your sharp features. But, it will still keep the emphasis on your beautiful bone structure.

  • Short with sideways fringe

Angular fringe that cuts across the forehead will work wonders in terms of reducing the perceived length of the face. Short hair can also bring out your well-sculpted cheekbones.

  • Shoulder-length curls

Side parted styles can help you flaunt the cheekbones while softening them at the same time. This style is great cause it also doesn’t leave any hair around the chin and neck area, which is a big no for a diamond-shaped face.

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