12 CrossFit Workouts Anyone Can Do

If someone doesn’t know, CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. CrossFit is a fitness regimen that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a into a timed or scored workout, performed in high intensity. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats, weightlifting, running, rowing, gymnastics, cardio and a whole lot of other movements.

Bellow the pin picture you’ll find the 12 CrossFit Workouts anyone can do:

  • Helen: Try not to go as fast, and as hard as you can on the first run. If you’re unable to swing the weight overhead for the pull-ups, wrap a resistance band around the bar for assistance.
  • Wall Ball, Burpees: This is the best possible workout combination out there. If you do it just once, you’ll feel that the wall ball is all leg, and burpees all arm. But, both together actually work every shoulder muscle, and it goes up to a full-body effect.
  • Sit-Ups Lunges: A half-time workout, demanding you to push as hard as you can – three minutes. Then, followed by two minutes of rest. It help you to build up cardio, but it’s also great for training and endurance, so you can push back to fatigue in each half-time. You should try to come close to match your number, and scale it up by adding some weight to the lunges.
  • Push-Ups: Probably not the most favorite, but they can be pretty hard. As we all know, push-ups are challenging the whole body. At the start, try to find some easier ways to do them. Don’t give everything you have at the beginning, try on your knees, instead of keeping your legs straight, Then try against wall before going up to the hard ones.
  • Leg Lifts: They are great for building up strength and muscle in your legs. If you find it hard to do at the beginning, straighten your legs by slightly bending them. This will be helpful.
  • Crunches: Definitely the best exercise to build up abdominal muscles when you’re getting started. Don’t worry about getting your head all the way up. Go as much as you can, and you’ll see the benefits.
  • Jogging: A great exercise for your heart. The only equipment required is a pair of good shoes, to eliminate any stress your legs have.
  • Squats: An exercise for you legs and buttocks. You can even try this exercise by sitting on a normal chair and standing up again. As long as you’re able to do a few reps, you’ll get some benefits. But, as you try more, you’ll get there.
  • Light Weight Lifting: No need of expensive weight for this one. You can use whatever you can find in your gym, or at home. Start lighter, with something as a can of pea, and then work out yourself to heavier.
  • Walking: You could just walk wherever you want, or you could place a walking exercise machine at your home. If you live in an apartment, even better, go up and down on the stairs as much as you can. Push yourself harder every day.
  • Mary: The first step is to master a handstand push-up. This requires some intent shoulder strength. A way to start is to progress from handstand with your back to a wall, and then try without any assistance working up to 5 reps.
  • Angie: Designed to be a benchmark WOD, meaning, you can use it to monitor how you have progressed overtime.

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